Hosted Exchange

An entire email server… minus the costs
  • Hosted Exchange, using Microsoft Hosted Exchange, provides an entire email server with full administrative control – of your inboxes as well as your mail server.
  • You get a unified messaging platform, calendaring, configurable security features, anti-spam and anti-virus protection plus comprehensive collaboration and synchronisation features.
  • Your email solution grows to meet the changing requirements (voice and data) of your business – at an infrastructure or application level, locally or internationally.

Why should I get Hosted Exchange?

Get more for less
Get full email functionality along with the latest updates, security features, back-up, spam filtering, maintenance and support without buying, maintaining or managing your own email server.

Always stay connected with your business
Get constant access to your business mail, contacts, calendars and shared folders from any location, whenever you want, so that you are never far away from your business.

Easy collaboration for increased productivity
Your entire team gets shared access to Hosted Exchange email, calendars and folders, no matter where they are so that they can work together effectively.

Hosted Exchange Packages

Exchange Premium 2GB R85 per user per month
Exchange Premium 5GB R110 per user per month
Exchange Premium 25GB R145 per user per month