Home & Business ADSL Internet

Zulucom is proud to resell ADSL for one of the leading ISPs in South Africa. This allows us to offer a wide range of premium ADSL services including Capped & Uncapped ADSL and ADSL lines.

Capped ADSL Packages

Capped 20GB R195
Capped 50GB R275
Capped 100GB R355
Capped 150GB R475
Capped 200GB R795
Capped 300GB R995
Data topups R90 per 10GB, if requested

Uncapped Business/Premium ADSL Packages

This service is custom built for the power user to allow unlimited streaming, gaming and browser downloads.

Uncapped 1 Mbps R305
Uncapped 2 Mbps R425
Uncapped 4 Mbps R525
Uncapped 8 Mbps R645
Uncapped 10 Mbps R775
Uncapped 20 Mbps R1225
Uncapped 40 Mbps R1495

Uncapped Home ADSL Packages

If you're not planning to stream data hungry videos, or download large files, then this service is great for basic browsing & email. Please note that these accounts have stricter throttling in place, which can be viewed on our Frequently Asked Questions page.

Uncapped 1 Mbps R70
Uncapped 2 Mbps R105
Uncapped 4 Mbps R195
Uncapped 8 Mbps R320
Uncapped 10 Mbps R395
Uncapped 20 Mbps R480
Uncapped 40 Mbps R765

Just DSL Home Uncapped ADSL Packages

Still paying for a home telephone line that you don't even use? With Just DSL, you only pay for the DSL line rental & data - drop the telephone landline, saving you more than R200pm.

Uncapped 4 Mbps R500
Uncapped 10 Mbps R830
Uncapped 20 Mbps R985
Uncapped 40 Mbps R1375

ADSL line handled by Zulucom

2 Mbps (DSL Fast) R195
4 Mbps (DSL Faster) R365
8 Mbps (DSL Faster Plus) R465
10 Mbps (DSL Fastest) R515
20 Mbps (Elite xDSL) R565
40 Mbps (Elite Plus VDSL) R695