Fax to Email

Receive ALL your faxes in PRIVACY to your Email address and store them electronically. Save on paper, Save on Toner and free-up or even cancel your existing fax line. Receiving faxes is at NO cost, NO subscription fees, NO fuss. Receive your faxes anywhere you can access your email.

Advantages of this service are:
  • Always on fax number; Even when the lights are out people can send you faxes - you will receive these faxes when the power comes on again and you can access your emails - none will be lost.
  • You can cancel your fax line and save money; If you have ADSL, why pay for a fax line? Use this service and faxes come through your internet connection at no additional cost.
  • Print what you want; Save printing costs - had junk faxes in the past? Using fax to e-mail allows you to only print what you want to print. Junk faxes you can simply delete.
  • Filing; Why file paper faxes? With fax to e-mail you can create folders in your e-mail programme and file your faxes as if they were in your filing cabinet!
  • Best of all is the cost; Fax to e-mail is free - permanently! The sender pays the normal fax cost, but you get this service free of charge.