Website & Email Hosting

hostingHosting is the cornerstone of Zulucom's business so we take it very seriously. We currently operate 3 dedicated servers within the Hetzner server farm, one in Cape Town and the others in Johannesburg, where we host over 500 domains. Our servers have an excellent uptime record which includes automated backup and daily anti-virus scans, so you can rest assured that your website and e-mail are safe. We also have a real-time monitor to alert us to any security issues, so we can correct problems very quickly.

Our hosting is fully scaleable, from our Micro hosting package for start-ups needing up to 3 mailboxes, to our Extreme package for heavy hitters requiring in excess of 150 mailboxes!

What differentiates us from other hosts? We are local so when you have an issue rest assured that you can e-mail or phone us and get a response in short order - usually the same day.

Hosting Packages

per month
Cost p.m.
excl of VAT
Cost p.m.
incl of VAT
Parked 0 1 GB 0 0 R20.00 R22.80
Micro 3 GB 2 GB 3 1 R50.00 R57.00
Micro Pro 5 GB 3 GB 5 1 R75.00 R85.50
Basic 10 GB 5 GB 10 2 R100.00 R114.00
Standard 20 GB 7 GB 25 3 R175.00 R199.50
Advanced 30 GB 10 GB 50 6 R275.00 R313.50
Master 40 GB 15 GB 75 8 R450.00 R513.00
Professional 50 GB 20 GB 100 10 R650.00 R741.00
Extreme 100 GB 30 GB 150 10 R850.00 R969.00


Domain Registration

We can register most domain extensions, including;
  • .com
  • .net
  • .cc
  • .org
  • .info
  • .biz
  • .de
  • .eu
  • .tv

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