Internet Access: Wireless

We all want constant, high quality connectivity. Whether your traditional or fixed-line service needs a little help, or you’re in an area that doesn’t have high quality bandwidth - going wireless will get you connected fast, with minimal fuss. You never have to worry about coverage either, as we have partnered with several service providers to bring you an extensive network.

Wireless is a broadband internet service designed specifically for SMEs and home users. It is an affordable, contended best effort, capped or uncapped, access service that is both flexible and scalable. It offers the capability to grow with your business and can be upgraded as and when you require.

Access packages are configured to suit home and business requirements up to 4 Mbps. The bandwidth is burstable for all internet traffic (both local and international).

High-speed wireless internet for your home and small business
  • Scalable, reliable and cost-effective
  • Extensive network of microwave base stations
  • Consistent, capped or uncapped internet

Frequently Asked Questions
What equipment will be supplied?
A once-off fee will be charged for hardware, which includes a dish, bracket, mounting sundries, cable to run from your outdoor installation into your home.

How reliable is the service?
It is a best effort service like all other broadband services. Because we don’t rely on any copper services, we expect a much higher uptime.